Saturday, May 15, 2010

Suddenly Saturday

Here it is a saturday morning again, already - the weeks are flying by. It seems like only yesterday I was moving in to my new home. Here it has been over six months! Things at work have been a flurry, what with (another) new boss who has his own style and ideas of how things are to be done. Thank goodness I hired an assistant when I did! I would be completely unable to keep up otherwise.
The weather has turned hot quickly. It seems we barely were able to open the windows from the unusually long cold winter, when the humidity shot up and temperatures are consistently in the upper 80s and low 90s.
Mothers Day was wonderful! I had my daughters' company all day! We started the day with brunch at a great little mom n pop place I'd never been to before. Delicious food (I had the gulf coast omelet: crab meat, asparagus and hollandaise sauce) reasonable prices and no waiting. the girls gave me some great gifts - Barbeque utensils, a large citronella candle tub for the patio, and a great hard-bound book Complete National Parks of the United States. After brunch we went shopping, then came home and played games, grilled chicken wings, grilled aspargus and threw snow crab legs on the barbie, drank cranberry juice and champagne and sat out on the patio bird watching and trying to spot otters and bobcats.
Although I woke early today, I am getting a slow start. I need to mow the lawn, and I want to get some more of my plants into the soil - it's too hot for them to be in pots - my water bill is out of this world. After finally getting out of bed and getting dressed, I made a very large pitcher of lemonade with a dozen or so freshly juiced lemons. Yummy.
I knew it had been awhile since I entered into my blog, so I wanted to take these moments for a quick entry. First order of business is to scoop poops - then fire up the Sarlo. It's going to be a hot n dirty afternoon, but I know it'll feel so good when I'm finished,.