Some double digit years' ago My spirit soared to sing
And sought out every chorus, choir
To let the vocals ring.
Many lyrics, many tunes O'er the years I learned
Some were fleeting, many loomed,
And for few I'd always yearned.
I recall again, the joy I felt
When gathered with my mates
To raise a voice, to sing this rhyme
By a favorite, Poet Great.
In sparkling alliteration The youthful voices trilled
Of the tintinabulation That so musically welled
From the Bells! Bells! Bells! Bells!Bells! Bells! Bells
Edgar Allan Poe, you know Is one of the Poets Great.
This poem he wrote, was put to rhyme,
For school girls and their mates.
Now it dances through my head With a joyous beat
Reminding me of joys I've had that time cannot defeat.

Michelle DeMars Mayher