Thursday, May 1, 2008

walk a walk

Today was an incredible mixed bag.  I rested well - surprisingly, under recent circumstances - and woke early.  Now, I'm a lolligagger, and if i figure I'm feeling good and I've got an hour before I need to rise and shine and be about my father's business, that hour is my time. 

Most mornings, I use this time to plan my day.  I anticipate the day's events and visualize them  in the way I would like to have them come about. This morning, I woke well before the alarm.   Although the drapes were  drawn, I did  noticed that the sun had not yet risen.  A few pillow adjustments later, I grabbed the blackberry and looked at the e-mails that came in since I went to sleep.  I read my partially displayed horoscope.  (If my memory serves me, I was supposed to have found love today.  Darn. Another action item not followed up on .) I grabbed the corner of the drape and pulled it open.   Although I recently closed up and put on the air conditioning, I was still able to hear the whistle of the cardinal.  This morning was no exception, as I lay in bed, gazing through the gap in the drapes at the tan limbs against the blue sky.  The young leaves danced in the wind.  Suddenly, center stage, a large male cardinal appeared.  He whistled, he perched, he posed, and he flew.  I knew he came for me as a symbol of the Universe working her magic,; I have a fondness for birds,.

My work day was a train wreck.  What I could control, I did.  I forgot to figure in all the other loose cannons in my reality.  (AKA, elected officials, but we won't go there). 

When i came home for lunch I noticed several plants in Michelle's garden that were draught damned. (wilted). I didn't even go inside. I kicked off the sandals and grabbed the hose.  Lunch hour became waterhour.  

When I returned to the office after lunch, ..well, it was a compounded train wreck.  I was just happy to leave at 6:00 PM. As I went for my bike,  I saw a female coworker at the bike rack unlocking her bike .  We shared pleasantries along with my detail of using saw horses to prop up my kayak, fill it with water, and find the leaks.  As we chatted about techniques, I discovered that I had a flat tire on my bike.


Walked the bike home. Daughter's gone with the car. Hell, Shell, I says.  Pour a long martini, go outside and GARDEN!

Tomorrow is another day, isn't it ?



This approach works well with known events. 

I"ve digressed.  Today ran like a spunky two year old. 

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