Monday, May 26, 2008

Times New Roman

I don’t understand time. Some of my current reading states that there is no such thing as time in the universe, that man created it as a way to slow down and micro view our world. How can everything be happening all at once? Concepts of déjà vu and clairvoyance are said to be skips in the time continuum. This weekend was a prime example of how time can escape. It’s Monday evening and tomorrow starts the work day. I have been very busy all weekend, yet, I feel as if it’s been gone in a flash. Yesterday, as I laboriously taped the baseboards and windows in preparation to paint, I found myself irritated with the tedium. Then I told myself that I have all the time I am ever going to have. I accomplished my task without a further thought. This morning I woke early. Having cleared everything out of the bedroom in order to paint, I had no clock or cellphone. I rose timeless. I received an e-mail from my Sarah in Costa Rica. She of course is two hours “behind” me, yet it’s all the same time.

Who invented time? What is time? Does anybody really know what time it is ? Does anybody really care? How many “times” do you reference ‘time’? If I have the time, the next time, my time is your time. All the time in the world. There was a time… in due time.. All the time… Often times.

Time is a four letter word.

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