Sunday, May 4, 2008


I recall bill paying involving lengthy check writing, entries in ledgers, addressing envelopes or be sure the address appeared in the window.  Did you sign your check?  Include your account number?  Oh, do I have postage?  And then,  getting them into a mailbox for pickup.  This morning I sat down and clicked “Pay bills” and in a matter of a few key strokes, my monthly bills have been paid.  It’s such a simple process it seems nearly unreal.  Adding to the ease is the ability to have  adequate available funds.  Back in the day of manually stroking out checks was also the time when I would weigh which bill got paid,  and which got delegated to the next go ‘round.  Bills paid and a balance in the checking account got me thinking about what I want to buy.   I am not a shopper like the stereotypical female.  With the exception of groceries, most of my shopping  is done online.  Yet this morning I imagined how I would be if I had the wealth of the Hiltons or Gates or Winfreys of the world.  How different would I be with such abundance?  In considering the Law of Attraction, this is a very abundant universe. THAT WHICH IS LIKE UNTO ITSELF IS DRAWN.  You can, and will create anything you are giving your attention to.   In that respect, then, I have the abundance of the universe.   It is said that King Solomon had the power of manifestation; he had the power to magnify and multiply his possessions on an extravagant scale.  Yet due to his self-indulgence, he shut himself away from the greater initiary powers.  His life is the example of “so far and no farther” for some persons in the world may attain much wisdom but they lack the living life, or the communion with God, to enable them the power to go in and out or reincarnate at will. 

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning.  My chores are behind me, I’ve got the ways and means to do whatever I want.  As I sit here clicking away on this keyboard, I keep getting up and looking out the window to see if any of my feathered friends are enjoying the replenished bird feeder or the freshly filled bath.  I find so much pleasure in seeing the blooms of the frangipani, the bougainvillea in its brilliant fuchsia flowers,  newly emerging pink and yellow and red roses, and of course the magnificent gardenia.  There is nothing I want.  I do have it all!  I’m reminded of lyrics to a song from a musical (if you know which one, please tell me).  all I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air. And someone to care for me, ah, wouldn’t it be loverly.” 

May your day be loverly!




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