Sunday, June 6, 2010

Y' can't fix stupid

I just finished washing and waxing my daughter's car. That's hard work! especially in the 95 degree heat. Her 21st birthday was Friday, and she and friends headed up to Ginny Springs (in north-northwest of Gainesville) for a few days of camping and snorkling the fresh water springs. I intended to get the windows tinted on her car, and was planning to take it to the shop Saturday morning, but I realized that I would have to keep the windows up for the first 24 hours after the tint was applied, and.... her A/C doesn't work. No way I was going to drive her car home in the 95 degree heat with the windows rolled up. So, instead, i dropped it off at the local super lube and they gave it an oil change and some fuel injection action. I left the car over the weekend and the shop keeper said things were slow on Sundays and he could have one of the kids who work for him do a detail for $70.00. The super lube is only a mile away, so I walked over this morning - they said it'd be ready by noon. At about 10 minutes before noon, my cell phone rang. Was I on my way? ...yes... I'd have to wait about 10 minutes - that's OK, it'd be about 10 minutes before I got there. He went on to tell me that there were a lot of stains in the carpet and upholstery that they couldn't get out. I understood.. (her car was really really trashed). On my approach, I could see the car outside of the garage, being hosed off (didn't they wax it?!), and then pulled into the bay. (they were just now getting to the oil change!). The short of it all is, that I wasn't clear on what I expected - I expected a wash and wax! and a full detail. (Lessons learned). I brought the car home and pulled it under a shade tree and washed and waxed it - complete with armourall on all the vinyl and rubber. She needs to get the A/C fixed - now that she's home for the summer, we have the time to get it to Hunter (our local 'shade tree mechanic') to get it fixed. It's the switch in the dash..,.not an expensive part, but a bear to get to - and Modern Auto wanted $500. to fix it. Let's see what Hunter can do.
My daughter, Sarah, also went to Ginny Springs, leaving Saturday morning. I hope they are having a lot of fun! Sarah's a very experienced camper - actually, both girls are - they grew up camping. Lauren' boyfriend, however, is a novice, with this trip being his first. It'll be interesting to hear his comments on the trip! My oldest sister was down from Columbus OH for a visit, having returned home this past Thursday. This is the first weekend I have had the house to myself in months and months. The thought was exciting. I soaked up the sun for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, went to Blockbuster and rented two movies and then to the supermarket for groceries. I bought two pounds of large, pink gulf shrimp. The fishmonger commented that we probably won't be able to enjoy these for much longer, both agreeing that the oil spill is truly, truly a shame.
I cranked up the stereo, cleaned the shrimp, and marinated it in a ginger teriyaki sauce, par-boiled and peeled pearl onions, and threaded skewers of shrimp, onions, tomatoes, peppers, zuchinni, mushrooms and small pieces of corn on the cobb. I opened a bottle of chardonnay and snacked on some edamamie while I danced in the kitchen. this was good stuff.
I turned the lawn sprinkler on in the backyard, after having mowed the lawn earlier this week. Time to get the lawn to grow, and I don't know how to turn on the automatic irrigation system that is here, so, I use the manual (for now). I wait until after sunset, because it's just too darn hot otherwise. In the front of the house is a planter where I planted three bird of paradise, and several lantana. It has been hot and dry, so I put the front yard hose in the planter while I sat out back watering the lawn and firing up the grill.
I opened my eyes, and looked at the clock. 4:00 AM. I was in bed, fully clothed. I could see the hall lights on in the front of the house, so I got up and went to the kitchen. I poured a glass of chilly water and downed it, as I surveyed the kitchen. What a mess. On the counter was a dirty dish with the remnants of a couple of skewers and shrimp tails. Yellow rice dried in the pot. I stuck the plate in the sink and ran water to soak, covered the rice pot, turned off the lights and started to head back to bed. Did I put the food away, I asked myself and opened the refrigerator. I cooked two pounds of shrimp and lots of vegetables! Where were they? I looked to the patio and saw the empty pan and the barbecue tongs along side the grill. Then I saw smoke coming from the grill. I raised the hood. Oh good lord. Everything was charred, completely charred to ashes. All the shrimp, all the vegetables. I turned off the grill - I'd clean it up in the morning. As I turned off the front porch light, I heard water running. Oh good lord - the hose was still on in the front planter! I walked outside and the planter was flooded to overflowing. I turned off the hose cursing myself for the wasted water.
When I got up a few hours later I noticed in the screen porch area that the floor was wet. It's a concrete floor, and when it rains, the room floods slightly, as the former owners piled pebble rock up along the outside slab - up on top of the slab, so it flooded in. This wasn't the case today, however. Standing in the living room by the sliding glass door to the screen porch, my foot left an imprint in the carpet. My foot left an imprint in the soggy, wet carpet. The wet carpet was clearly as a result of the overflowed planter (7 or 8 hours of watering, you know...) I pulled away the love seat, end tables, floor lamps, potted plants, ottoman and chair. I hauled out the shop vac. Boy have I gotten my money's worth from that tool. The tub holds about 6 gallons of water. I emptied it twice. I cranked up the ceiling fan, turned the A/C down, closed the bedroom doors and opened up the curtains to allow the sun shine in.

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