Saturday, August 2, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

WEDNESDAY - July 23, 2008

Debbie was gracious enough to let me sleep in her bed, which was very comfortable. I woke several times throughout the night, however - strange sounds in a strange place and sunlight as early as 4:00 AM. Debbie was already up and we enjoyed a breakfast that included home made blueberry coffee cake. We headed in to town with Manito Park our first destination. What a great resource for the people of Spokane!


After exhausting every aspect of the gardens, we went in to the downtown area, and lunched at the Davenport Hotel.

Very impressive! We ordered the Crab Louis Salad, the signature dish of the Davenport Hotel, topping it off with chocolate cheese cake and fresh coffee.

While strolling through a shopping mall, I mentioned that I would enjoy visiting some antique shops. We left the “new” stores and headed to some very funky fun antique shops. Having mentioned that I was in the market for some lamps, Debbie suggested a store that specialized in vintage lighting. We headed over to West Main Avenue, and stopped in at Revival Lighting.

I bought a great little lamp for my bedroom, and they shipped it for next to nothing.

We relaxed in Debbie’s garden enjoying the evening sun and cool breezes. We drank margaritas and explored the annuals and perennials and vegetables. Debbie cut two large heads of broccoli from her garden, and we laughed at her great heads!

The walnuts were large and green, and Debbie told of what master harvesters all the squirrels are. The apple trees were bearing fruit and the delicate fragrance from the sweet peas thrilled our senses.

We wound down the evening consulting maps and packing bags for the next day’s road trip.

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