Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eleven Eleven and Other Events

Today is Tuesday, 11.11, Veterans' Day. I had a friend who once told me that whenever I see 11:11, to know that I am loved. It was a priceless sentiment, that brings me joy usually twice a day. Today by virture of its date is very special.
Being veterans' day, I visited my vet, Dr. Patterson. Time for Gracie's second set of shots, and a first good check by her vet. He told me that blues tend to have a skin problem...great. I've decided that Gracie will not! Her coat is beautiful and shall stay that way!

Being an employee of the public sector, today is a recognized holiday. I am so anxious to return to some normalcy. With the upcoming holiday season, it may be very difficult to acheive anything resembling normal, but I shall try.

The weather is beautiful - cool in the early morning, with the high noon sun warming enough for beach goers. We truly do live in paradise. I'm caught between have-to's and want-to's... I have housework and homework to do, and I want to garden or go to the beach. I have a book I'm anxious to finish and some quiet time on the beach in this warm Florida sun, with Gracie snugly by my side...
sounds ideal.
We shall see what the day brings!

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Roderckdhu said...

I often find myself doing the same thing - stopping, looking around, and realizing that I live is paradise...a slightly different paradise, but paradise none the less. It is good to take that pause to take that five minutes that hour that afternoon that day and just...be. I hope you find that moment my friend.