Wednesday, November 5, 2008

catch up...

What happened to October? Where did it go.. October has traditionally been a very active month for me - most recently active in not-necessarily-enjoyable-events. It seems the last I recall, it was late September and I was preparing for company from up north, and a trip to St. Augustine as part of my career development. The day after returning from st. Augustine, mom was taken to the ER. That was October 12th. The venitlator was removed on October 14, and we were fully prepared for her to pass within hours of that. She died on October 28. What makes the Spirit "decide"? What did mom do for two weeks - in her mind, her spirit - her other world. She spoke of demons and angels, of not knowing what to do, of not being ready or of trying very hard...of calling for help, asking for prayers, asking for mercy.
I am one of ten of her children..number seven (the seventh child of a seventh child). The fifth child, Mary Beth, was murdered in 1981, and in mom's last days, she spoke to her - so they were together in spirit. The remaining 9 of us gathered for her viewing, catholic service, cemetary and then back to her house after the service. Emotions ran high. We're all very strong willed and opinionated. I bit my lip, gritted my teeth and walked away ...frequently. Six of the nine do not live locally. One of the three of us who does - is - mentally, physically, and emotionally challenged. That leaves me and brother Norbert. Trying times, indeed.
I would like to tell you about the "airing of the quilts." and hope that I can put it together for a later entry. In brief, Mom was a master quilter...award winner, featured in Quilters Magazine, TV appearances and many ribbons' winner. Mom had nearly a hundred quilts, wall hangings, various handiwork that she left. We "kids" decided that her estate would be sold and divided nine ways, but that the quilts would stay in the family. We put nine slips of paper in a dish, numbered one through nine, and each seniority. And then we chose quilts until all the quilts were gone. My sister, Debbie, coined it: "The Airing of the Quilts" and it's touching, indeed, and I will write it, complete with a photo or two.
Until then, I wanted to add an entry as it seems i've neglected my journal.
Have I even told you about Gracie!?!
She's a love ! I need to submit photos!!
Until I can rally again,
Thank you my friends for being here for me.

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Roderckdhu said...

I will look forward to the airing of the quilts. Among my people (the Lakota) the giving of star quilts as gifts is traditional during the give-away (a ceremony that follows the death by one year, more or less).