Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the twelfth day of Christmas

The cold front came through and the skies are crystal clear and the air is a crisp 56° at 10:00 AM. I will buy my Christmas tree today. I love the holiday season, but this year it’s really snuck up on me. I have bought few gifts; the bulk of my shopping remains. I asked my daughters what they want, and Sarah answered, “a boat!” . (well, I asked! What was I thinking…?!) I told her to talk to her father! “Boat” was Sarah’s first word: while other toddlers are babbling momma and Dada, Sarah was saying, “Boat!”
Lauren wants “to go somewhere.” She wants a trip - cruise, air fare - travel. She should be wanting new eyeglasses, new tires for her car, fix the CD player in her car, ….but those are all “boring.” She commented that she wants to “go shopping!” that she hasn’t been shopping in a really long time! What happened to the days when she and Kelly would go to the mall and come out with hands full of shopping bags!! I was quick to remind her that that was when she was in high school, and had a job! When you’re in college and DON’T have a job, mall trips are few and far between.
So today I will buy my Christmas tree. This will be a challenge with a new puppy. I have to constantly watch her to keep her from chewing things other than her toy and her rawhide. (Yesterday, after we’d been outside for a bit, we’d had lunch, and I was cleaning up the kitchen while she sat on the living room floor. She had a fresh rawhide and was busy chewing away at it. Then I heard a “crunch” that sounded nothing like a rawhide. I looked in to see my prescription sunglasses firmly in her mouth! ) So, Christmas bulbs and lights and presents under the tree may all be fodder for a teething puppy. We shall see!

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