Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Mandy Patinkin was in my dream, again, last night. Last night he was my hero, savior. In this dream I passed out, and was revived from near death. Why do I dream of this actor? There's some weird kind of thing going on.
My mind is flooded with thoughts and scripts that I want to write down, but, where do I go first!
Tonight was election night. We had 2 seats open, 3 candidates. Results, one incumbent and one new council member. I'm bored with my job; my one personal goal was to acheive my certification as a Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC). I achieved that last month after 3+ years. I need new goals career-wise.
I love my house! Buying this house was the satisfaction of another dream come true. Now, I need to rid myself of that god-awful wallpaper in the master suite and the guest bath...and paint the turqoise and pink walls! Not to mention my dreams for the gardens!
Gracie is growing into such a wonderful companion. She's easily confused, distracted, mischevious, misguided...! HA! The list could be endless. She's a baby girl, is what she is. Right now she's prancing among the kitchen cabinets. She's not hungry; she's just 'nosy...sniffin'.....bored...lookin'..." It's worked out nicely with her and the invisible fence... I Love! the invisble fence~! What's even worked, (shush this!).. I've used the Invisble Fence flags to cover newly planted gardens that I dont' want the dogs to dig up! Gracie's got a degree in excavation, and will dig up any and everything! so I use the flags to surround new plantings so she won't dig;m up. IT WORKS.
Right now, Mannheim Steamroller is on the stereo, playing "Slow Dancing in the Living Room". I love this song. I find it very very sexy. Iwould love to be slow dancing to this in the living room with someone I love. This might be on my list of new goals: slow dance in the living room with someone I love.
Wow. that last one was scary.
My children are doing fabulously. One of my goals was to provide them with reliable transportation, and, I believe that has been succesfully acheived. Sarah drives a 2005 Element, and La's in the 2003 Civic. Right now, La's Civic is paid in full, but I pay her auto insurance. Sarah's Element - she'll be in for a rude awakening come Oct 2010 when she takes over payments. At least she pays her own insurance!
My vacations the past two years have been wonderful! On my list of goals; visiting Washington State, and Alaska. Hard to beat! Now I'm focusing on what to place as my next vacation destination. I love the idea of visiting the National Parks, and could cross off quite a few in the course of my past vacations. As I wound down last year's trip, I contemplated where Iwould vacation next, and Yellowstone plays prominently. That's a work in progress!!
Time to Set New Goals.

This is such a vomit of ideas. I apologize to you for that. I have so much filtering in my mind. I have such a wonderful life. Life is wonderful; to be able to dream, imagine, and live all that you imagine - (i think there's some Thoreau in there, )

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