Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Cardinal Rule

Seems I've always appreciated the cardinal; primarily the male cardinal, I guess because of his brillant appearance. I would notice his presence in the winter after a summer of rains and sea gulls. I've had various bird feeders over the years, and as my brother Kenny quips, we make fools of ourselves trying to keep the squirrels out.
This past weekend I planted a potted bougainvillea and many aloe plants. I set some pentas in pots alongside in anticipation of being put in the ground. I also set up the bird bath and bird feeder. The bird bath had been 'set up' in so much as the move-in day had it put in a spot and the rain filled it. A few weeks ago, I took it down and drained it and let it dry out. So this past weekend I set it up alongside a young wax myrtle that I put in the ground about 2 months ago. Wax Myrtle is a good birds bees and butterflies plant, and I fancied a bird and butterfly garden in that area of the lawn.
The bird feeder comes from a long line. When I moved in here, the bird feeder was dissed to the back yard, the bottom half packed with wetted seeds. A few weeks ago I removed the screws on the bottom, knocked out the clump of matted seeds and put it out to dry. This past Sunday I filled it and hung it on a wrought iron 'shepherd's hook' that I purchased at the auction in Alva (see goin once!). I positioned it on the mound in the front yard, where my twin ponytail palms stand tall - the first trees I planted here.
Today is Tuesday evening, and I erected the bird bath and feeder on Sunday afternoon. Since then, I've looked out in hopes to see a bird or two at the bath or feeder. I have hopes and dreams.
Tonight, I sat in the screen porch, looking out over the start of a butterfly garden, gazing at the bird feeder on the wrought iron hook, the fresh bird bath, and the wax myrtle. The call of the cardinal dominated the evening sound. A male cardinal, in his shocking bright red coat, landed on the young wax myrtle. He hopped onto the side of the bird bath, took a sip and paused. Like poetry in motion, he lept onto the feeder, while a female took his place on the lip of the bath. He stood down at the ground below the feeder, while she perched, pecking passionately at the seeds. I was awe-struck! Although the feeder was about 20 feet away, I picked up the binoculars on the table and watched. He stood guard below her while she feasted. He kept a soldier's watch under the feeder while she had her fill. When she had her fill, she flew back toward the stand of arecas next to the bouganvillea. He followed closely behind.
What you focus on, you attract.
This cardinal occurance is proof that what you focus on, you attract.
It is Magic.
Poetry in Motion.

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