Thursday, April 15, 2010

otter chatter

The other night after work I was in the back yard assessing the condition of my (still) potted plants - plants I've cared for in (what are now) very large pots. Gracie and Ruca were romping, and both halted along the canal. Both were poised at something in the water. I looked over, and saw the wake of some sudden submergence. Immediately the other canal bank was alive with motion. An otter poked his round wiskered face out of the water and looked at me. Gracie barked like a lunatic, but Ruca sat quiet responding to my command. Another otter of equal size slid off the far bank, into the water and slinked up behind the first guy. They looked right at me for an adorable moment, and then darted away. "Ollie Otter! Did you see Ollie Otter?" I giggled to the dogs.

Several weeks ago, I was sitting in the breakfast nook (as I am's a nice place to sit....) when I looked out over the lawn and saw movement at the base of a stand of trees. It wasn't until I saw the animal move that I could tell it was an otter. Seeing the pair of otter the other night was not a surprise, but none the less a wonderful treat. So this evening, I was in the back yard watering many of those plants in very large pots, when action was going on in the canal. I looked to see a pair of otter exiting the canal on the far bank; one right behind the other. "I'm going to get my camera" I said to myself, although I knew that by the time I returned, the otter may well be gone. I came back outside and looked out over the still water. I noticed a dragonfly and thought I'd snap him:

As I stood searching the bank for otter occurrances, I saw a cat... stepping among the branches higher up along the bank. I fixed my stare on him; was it a ferral domestic cat, or was it a bobcat?

I was absolutely fascinated. I was so fascinated that I was slow on the camera trigger. I could have had much better shots. He sat there looking at me like I was some sort of a loser.

So I ask you: ferrel domestic cat? or bobcat?

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LeAnn said...

wow! that looks like a lynx to me!!! Loved the pics and the stories of the otters