Friday, June 13, 2008

Everybody's Talkin' at me...

          I opened my eyes this morning to nothing different, really. My head felt congested, as if a respiratory infection was pending, or an attack of seasonal allergies - neither of which is common for me to experience. I lay in bed enjoying the crisp comfort of my new bedding and began to create the day. Immediately my mind filled with the tedium of tasks that lingered on my desk in the office. I have no big projects or pressing deadlines today, most of it is just housekeeping items. The thought of “work” was an intrusion into my pleasantry so I changed my thoughts. Today is a blank canvas, and I would create a work of art.

          Arriving at the office I was immediately greeted by a post-it memo from a co-worker with a comment that I found presumptuous and rude. I arrested the emotion promptly and went on with other items. I went for a cup of coffee, and both pots were empty. I went for a cold glass of water from the bubbler, and the jug was empty. The copier needed toner the fax was out of paper. The network went down.

          As the day went on with roadblocks and potholes, I realized that no one spoke in a normal voice today. Everyone spoke at decibels far above noise ordinance code. And everyone was talking at once and all the time. I wanted to scream for EVERYONE TO JUST SHUT -UP! FOR THIRTY SECONDS! PLEASE!

          I lingered over lunch of left-over pizza and filled out my publishers’ clearing house sweepstakes entry. I am going to win $5,000. a week for life. As I thought of what I would do with my first year’s $260,000.00, I pondered over whether I would quit my job.. OBSERVE LESS - IMAGINE MORE I told myself.

          The Town is issuing re-entry passes to residents who can show proof of residency and supporting documents. These are windshield decals in the event of an evacuation during this hurricane season. All week long has shown a steady stream of people coming in to get their pass. This is a free service the Town performs, and is also the first year we’ve done it this way. Every stinkin’ person has a story to tell of “..during Charley..” this and “ after Charley” that,and “this is ridiculous that I can’t just use my drivers’ license as proof - whose dumb idea was this? And on..and on…at elevated levels of speech, no less. (next year we should have a steady stream of xanax on hand). Most of the Town staff is relatively new. I have the longest tenure, coming up on eight years. Because of this, I had many visitors all day, “I just want to say hi! Haven’t seen you, how’s things? “

          Approaching quitting time, I noticed the skies darkening and heard the distant rumble of thunder. Just a few last things to finish up and then get home before…. The Rain. We need the rain, oh yes indeed, and I love the smell and the sound of the rain. But I ride a bicycle to and from work, and did not have my rain gear.

          I piddled with odd stuff, hoping to wait it out. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I borrowed a rain slicker from our Public Works folks, and headed home.

          It has been a day of irritation, at least to this point. I changed clothes and went out side to sit on the porch and enjoy the rain. I sat down to immediately notice the chair was wet, and now so was my ass. A neighbor was having a discussion with his wife, at elevated levels of speech. Another neighbor was chasing the poor cat that had escaped for a brief outdoor experience. Just how loud and how often can someone say, “here kitty kitty”? I came back inside.

          Dishes and laundry and grocery shopping and bill paying all are nagging at me. I am going to lock the doors, unplug / turn off the phones, light an incense and just sit. Still. Quiet.

Peace Out.


sds42955 said...

Mon Cher Ami,
You experienced what happens when you fall out of timing with the wolf pack. There is a word that describes a dangerous weakness in human nature.
Affable.  The affable person is the rabbit in the company of wolves within this concrete jungle of ours.  I have told you this. So now the woman called sincerity is also most affable.  Wings back, petit oiseau!  

mdm1128 said...

call me..