Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stuff of Dreams

A man who looked like a snake oil dealer was attempting to pick up the bird he had just won at an auction. The mourning dove walked erect with animation that echoed the Geico gecko. He carried an insect in his beak. A woman with a blond beehive hairdo dressed in baby doll pajamas was using a butter knife to chip paint off the side of the building, feeding these chips to the dove. The paint chips were anaesthetizing the bird dulling its capacity to fly. Dove flew to the nearest clothesline only to be caught in the folds of a shirt. Beehive lady methodically followed the bird but recoiled when she discovered the bird had turned into a very large spider.

I attempted to sleep on a fold out couch next to my dad, sitting in his favorite chair. My sister, Mary Beth was determined to wash the sheets, and pulled them out from under me as I was sleeping. This woke me in great irritation. Mom watched and ad on TV for a steak dinner with strawberries and red wine, and thought that looked very good.

I was a guest of three women who ride their bicycles around the park and talk about their day to day activities. One woman looked like Carolyn Kennedy or Jacklyn Smith. We needed to request a variance for the building we were planning.

It was October and I had missed the conference. No it’s not, it’s May. No…wait. What place in time?

A crowd gathered in the studio to hear the tour guide. I jockeyed for position and cleverly reached the front of the group.

I awoke with : 77 Sunset Avenue, ‘A’ on my mind.

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