Monday, June 2, 2008

notes from the costa kiddies


Notes from Costa Rica from number one daughter, first correspondence:

Hola madre,

ha.. we just checked into the sleep inn a little while ago. Everything has gone pretty smooth. Our flight was right on time and everything.. we got to the airport really early but i guess better early than late. We had a little confusion once we got out of the airport in San Jose. We called Sleep inn to send a shuttle because these taxi guys we going crazy tryin to get us to ride with them.. so we called sleep inn and they said they would send one in an hour, so we decided to do that. But everyone was too impatient so we decided to cancel with them and take a taxi.. but when we called sleep inn they said that they already sent the shuttle 10min ago and it should be there in 10 min, but after an hour or so of waiting we decided to just take a taxi, it was only 5 bucks per person or 2500colones i guess. the ride from the airport to the hotel was about 30-50mins traffic was kinda bad. Its raining not pouring but a little rain.. but sleep inn is really nice..

A few hours later….


Yeah there is free internet access in the lobby so that’s cool. Its 11 here so I guess its like 1 there.. we just got finished walking around san jose, its pretty cool. Its still raining but not too bad, still able to walk around. We just went to a bunch of cool looking places, except for this one place we went to it was like a prostitute place!! Ha.. Max (Ashleys boyfriend) walked into the prostitute bar with us and everyone thought he was like a king because he walked in with us 4 girls. They were nice tho... we only stayed for like 3mins Ashley used the bathroom there and we all went with her, well, Max wasn’t allowed, and it was down this long hall and there was like 8 rooms off the hall and it was just a mattress in the room.. it was scary\gross.. We did some gambling, didn’t win anything tho, ha. Everything is working out really well so far. we ate at a little authentic restaurant and Ashley wanted some sour cream but we couldn’t figure out how to say sour they brought out every cream, white sauce thing in the whole place... but no sour cream. they brought out milk in a bag that we thought might be sour cream.. so we were all feeling the bag to see if it was sour cream and all the employees startin’ laughing at us..

good night

love ya´

Then …nothing…for three days…

Then, this:

Hey, the internet at Tamarindo Dira wasnt working so i wasn’t able to check my mail. But right now we are up in the mountains at Arenal. We rented a car today and I drove up to the volcano.. the drive was about 4 hours but it was pretty quick. You would have hated the drive its like steep cliffs and everyone is a speed racer.. plus the only cars here at stick shift and on a volcano that can be kinda tricky.. Everything is going really well we made it here all on our own with some little cartoon map we found at the rental car agency.. We will get a hostel or hotel here.. its raining. Not sure yet how long we wanna stay here.. But ill try and keep ya up to date what we decide to do.
Love ya,

And, then, shortly after….

The wedding was a lot of fun.. we just got a hotel here in La Fortuna (sp?) its the down town area near Arenal. It was only 40 dollars for the three of us.. Our good luck has run out I think, while we were searching for hotels and using the internet earlier when i wrote you a few hours ago I guess someone stole my carry on bag and kelly’s purse out of our car. We locked the doors to our car but i guess you have to do it by key, pressing the lock down then shutting the door doesn’t work.. Luckily i had taken my passport out of my bag earlier that day and put it under the seat of the car, normally i just had my passport attached to my bag.,, so i guess i was lucky there.. so i have my Passport my ID my debit card parking stuff.. only big thing that was in my bag was my wallet with my cash in it.. not exactly sure how much was in there but prob. $100 I’m guessing, not positive. the rest of the stuff was dirty clothes, sunglasses pair of sandals just random things.. not exactly sure. Kelly had her phone, video camera ( that i think was broken anyway) and she thinks her ID but we all have our passports so that’s good. We aren’t really sure what we are going to be doing for the rest of the time..We’re kinda wishing we didn’t plan on being here so long.. but we’ll see we might try and do some rainforest stuff tomorrow if its not still raining. I saw a toucan on the way here, so that was cool.. . I,ll try and let ya know tomorrow what our plan is.. we might head back to San Jose sooner than planned, not sure.. ok we are going to head back to the hotel

So, then panic sets in with the “moms” here in the states…do the girls have passports? Cash? Credit cards stolen? No way to communicate…

We are still in La Fortuna or whatever it is called if ya look at a map its a little bit south east of Arenal..only about 5miles. We have a hostel tonight its a little weird, we feel safe its just a mom and her daughter running it and 3 little dogs, we each paid 8bucks.. we went on the zip lines today it was awesome , scary but great. Its just lines running from platform to platform in the rain forest… one of the lines was just over a half mile then we went to an indian village, frog and butterfly garden and we rode horses for about 30mins.. it was an all day thing and it was only $40.. I should be good on money, the car we rented was only 45bucks .. The bus ride to San Jose is only like 4bucks.. so thats cheap. Not sure how long we are staying in this town we might go to Alajella .. Not sure, I know the way there on the map it looks a lot easier than the ride up here. I should be good we’ll stay in a cheap place the next few nights and take the cheap bus I think i have about 95$ still and I going to put about $30 away for airport fees.
Ill let ya know tomorrow what our plans are..

Then later…

I just realized that for some reason i think I brought my keys on the trip.. and I had them in my bag that was stolen.. and they were my spare set, so i need to figure that out when i get back, even worse.. Kelly’s keys to the car that we drove here was also in her bag that was stolen.. So i think she is going to talk to her mom about sending the spare set of keys to the airport or something. think we will skip Allejuela or whatever.. and just stay here or go to san jose or something, it rains ALLLL the time in this city, everyday from 4pm till like 4am


okay I guess we are flying home out of San Jose tomorrow ( Wed), La and I already changed the Sleep Inn reservation so we can check in there tonight and stay in a nice hotel and take a shower..haha. We had to return the car yesterday so we no longer have that.. but we are talking about how we wanna get to san jose, either rent a car, take a taxi, a bus or they have shuttles that are like 30bucks per person.. right now we are checking our flights to make sure that’s all squared away.. I´ll be able to email you again tonight from the sleep inn we prob wont be there for awhile its at least a 4 hour drive and we haven’t figured out the transportation yet.. we are thinking about a bus..
okay I think we have almost everything figured out..ha, well except for how we are getting back to the beach..

love ya,

Next entries: the parents’ tale……






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