Friday, February 20, 2009

Puppy Play

I am home for lunch. I am easily guilted out by leaving Gracie home alone while at work, so I have been "stretching" my lunch hours to give her more time out of her crate. She LOVES being outdoors. A few days ago, brother Ken installed a dog run that spans the vacant lot next door. She is in her glory! I am sitting in the kitchen, lunching on some California pizza (bbq chicken) (which, btw, imo is the BEST frozen pizza going) and I can hear her licenses jiggle, as she romps about. I also hear the passers-by. One kindly neighbor always coos at her - "oh sweet puppy yes you're a goooood booooy" [she's a girl.....]. Earlier, a couple was walking their little morsel of a dog, and stopped to pet her. I heard them say, "she's just a baby...what a sweetie." Another neighbor with a 100+ pound rottweiler named "Lucky" calls her "Lucky's puppy girl" and will bring Lucky by and let him "lick-er up" I have said many times that Gracie can't control her lick-er, but now she's getting Lucky getting licked. [She's 6 months now, time to get her spayed before Lucky gets lucky....] A fellow on the other side of the vacant lot has two small children that he has visit from time to time. Today, the kids are playing with Gracie. They are throwing her ball, petting her, bringing her a dish of water.... She's the happiest dog in the whole world!
And now, I have to go back to work. Will she still love me after all?

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