Thursday, February 5, 2009

My bed felt so gooood last night. I crawled in early, feeling poorly from sore knees, sore eyes and a full and disjointed day of work. Temperatures outside were falling, the wind was howling rattling the jalousy windows. I lit the rose scented candles that added a soft glow to the indian peach painted walls, pulled back the down comforter and slid into the 660-thread count sheets. I intended to finish reading an article in (Nov. 2008) National Geographic, "The End of Night; Why we Need Darkness" but fell asleep even before turning the pages.

I dreamt about horses and dogs. Over the past few weeks, my dreams have included animals - mostly horses and dogs, with a grizzly bear in one and a cougar in another. Perhaps it's my "primal nature" showing itself. I have also been dreaming of family. In one dream, my father hugged and kissed me. Last night my sister Kathleen was dressed beautifully and was dancing and singing. It was delightful - particularly since when I last saw her, she was far from singing and dancing.

I woke some time around 4:00 AM with a full bladder. I figured I'd let Gracie out, too. It was painfully cold, so I just opened the door and let her out on her own. She came back in, I put her in Lauren's room, and I went back to bed. Just as I was wallowing in how cozy my bed was, I heard Gracie wimpering. I opened Lauren's bedroom door, and knew immediately what was wrong: She had pooped...apparently it was too cold outside - or who knows what. The bigger problem was that she had stepped in it, then proceeded to run away from me...leaving poopy paw prints throughout the house. {GRRRRRRRRR}

I put Gracie in her crate, cleaned up the mess and managed to settle back in to the warmth of my bed. I dozed lightly, listening to the wind whistle in the windows, while the dawning lite filtered into the morning sky. I snoozed the alarm in fifteen minute increments until I finally got up about 7:30.

It was 32 degrees out. (how much farther south can I go!!?!!) {BRRRRRRRRR}. I so do not do cold well. It was very hard getting out of bed, but I did and dressed quickly, putting on black slacks, a black blouse and a black cardigan sweater. Perhaps it was my subconscious revolt against the weather.

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