Sunday, September 21, 2008

More than I ever cared to know

Saturday morning chores are a habit that developed early in my life and has stayed with me.  Yesterday was typical.  Laundry was at the top of the list, so I sorted and threw a load in the washer and went on with dishes, etc. The first load went in the dryer and another load in the washer.  I was well into chores when I realized that the load in the dryer was not "drying" - there was heat but no tumble.  A quick text message to brother Ken "is the dryer shot?" to which he responded, it's probably the drive belt- pop the top and see.  OK. I popped the top  (much easier than I imagined) and there it was - a broken drive belt.  How in the heck do you put a new one on?  Googled DIY clothes dryer drive belt and found a great video that showed step by step how to remove the top, the front, pull out the drum and replace the belt.  Simple enough.  I called the local hardware, "Do you carry belts for clothes dryers?" He said, Bring in the old one and I'll match it up" Hopped on the bicycle with the old belt.  "Nope" he said as I walked in,"we only carry (I didn't understand).  Sorry. The closest place would be Ace Hardware."  OK. So I get the car keys and drive up to Ace Hardware (about 8 miles up the road).  I walked ALL around Ace Hardware until finally, two clerks were standing in the aisle and asked if I needed help finding something. Yes, a belt for a clothes dryer.  "Oh, we dont' carry those."  The man speaking was about 6'4" maybe 150 lbs. and well into his 70's.  He had some very poorly made false teeth that overwhelmed his mouth. "Where you want to go is, keep driving up to Cypress Lake Drive, and turn right, then go to 41 and turn right...." and he continued on. I was only seeing those over-sized false teeth, and growing irritated with "turn right" instead of "north, east, south or west" Alright. I had to go to All Appliance Center on 41 in town.  (I hate going into town).  Back in the car, I find All Appliance, pull up in front, and see "Saturday 9:00 AM to Noon.  Of course it's 1:00 PM.  (expletive deleted!).  Practically across the street is Home Depot.   I drive over to Home Depot and walk ALL around Home Depot.  Finally, I ask a clerk.  "No. We don't carry those. You have to go to an appliance center.."  Been there, done that.  So I drove back home. Googled "parts for a clothes dryer", found a site, found a Whirlpool, found the exact belt, added to shopping cart, and went to check out.  "Orders processed before 3:00 PM will ship the same day".  I looked at the time:  3:20 PM. (story of the day, I'd say).  Oh well.  Ordered the belt, paid the $12.00, and took my wet clothes to the laundramat.  I now know more about clothes dryers than I ever cared to know.  When the belt arrives, I'll let you know how it goes fixing the stinkin' thing!

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