Monday, September 15, 2008

Way station

These words have come to mind:

Reflection    Image     Focus      Mirror

Have you see n Yourself?

Is it the Inner Being

Or is it the Selfish Self?

Another Being can see

your Inner Being

And provide

A clear reflection.

If that Other Being

Has managed to ascend

To where selfish self cannot sustain.

How do you recognize the selfish being ?

Selfishness separates us

from the Universal Consciousness.

Distracts us from the One.

How do you know ?

Guard your every thought. GUARD!

We lock possessions and guard our hearts

When we must micromanage Thought

As it will be your will.

Halt each thought

Identify its motive

Its credentials are kindness, harmlessness,

sincerity and compassion -        

 and unconditional love.


I Love You.



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