Thursday, September 11, 2008

Only if you’re standing still

I took some moments tonight to sit in my garden . Lately, I ‘ve been working Late- and often get home after sundown. Tonight, I was home by 6:00 PM. So I watched the evening news, which, I haven’t done in a very long time, then I sat out in my garden.

The air was heavy. I made that observation leaving Town Hall on my way home. Today was the first patch of real blue sky in several days. The winds were high, the air was thick. Ike’s debris.

Two twenty-something girls rent next door to me, and we share stairs, porch and parking. They have many young friends, some who ride motorcycles.

As I sat out, a twenty-something man came out and fired up a motorcycle.

I waived hello.

He waived back and we exchanged “how are yous.

And he said, “enjoyin’ a nice night out?

And I said, Yes…

…except the No-Seeums are bad.”

And He said:


“Only if you’re standing still.”

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