Sunday, April 19, 2009


The weekend is winding down. It has been one of effort- effort to rally in the face of fever and respiratory infection. My Sarah came through and took Gracie to doggie beach with her Ruca, and Kelly and her dog Lola. Gracie sure needed it! Now she is laid out on the couch. I haven't seen her this docile since probably the last time she went with the "girls" to dog beach.

I have a kettle of sweet florida onions simmering on the stove. French onion soup for dinner. I bought a baguette and some guyere, a dry white wine and some cognac. Both the wine and cognac will go in to the recipe, but the cognac works wonders on the knife-in-the-throat and the dizzy head. Hennessy. Sure feels good. (here's the recipe:

I am looking at a sumptuous bouquet of fresh flowers from my garden. It makes me so happy, so proud. There is also a vase of pink and white roses in my bedroom, a small vase of yellow roses in the bathroom and a solitairy rose bud on the kitchen table. I sure am blessed.

I did a boat-load of laundry today. Everything from clothes to sheets and towels, rugs and drapes. I also put the A/C on a few minutes ago: I'll probably end up opening up in the pre-dawn, but for now, 87 degrees inside is uncomfortable, and I deserve comfort.

I sure am blessed.

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