Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a pet peeve

i am bothered by the preponderance of advertising by pharmaceutical drug manufacturers on the national evening news. This has bothered me for quite some time. Initially, my immediate response was to stop watching the national evening news. What you focus on, you attract. Lately, perhaps out of boredom or lack of compelling reading material, I have occasionally switched on the nightly news. I prefer NBC with Brian Williams. (I'm still intrigued by the white outlining around his eyes - how does he do that?!?) Every commercial - or at least a good 95% of them, are by drug companies. The ad beats the viewer up with all the suggested data: you could be a candidate for a heart attack, a stroke, bone loss, brain tumors. "Ask your Doctor what.... [blank] can do for you" Side affects may include: criminy. a whole laundry list from dizziness to an erection lasting over four hours. God forbid I should ever have an erection that lasts four hours. It begs the question: why do they have so much stinkin' money in these "economically hard times"?

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