Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Favorable Day

I felt alive again today for the first time in more than several days. Walking down the stairs from the office yesterday afternoon I was overheard muttering, "..i feel like dead man walking.." This morning walking up the stairs, I could be heard expressing " ..I'm reborn!". Oh the respiratory 'crud' lingers, but barely..I have overcome.

We had a staff meeting at 9:30, and I 'just happened to have in my bag" a very large bar of Lindt Very Dark Chocolate to share with staff, so I broke it into pieces, slipped open the paper wrapper and peeled back the foil lining. I felt a little like I'd had the golden ticket. I began my day in favor.

Some of my peers sought my advice, others offered services; I was complimented on my work and on my appearance. (Dang! I should call in sick more often!!) Absence makes the heart grow fonder!!?

I had a call from a friend who works in the County Commissioners' office. She gave me a tip that brought me pretty close to hero status. tah * dah * ! Friends are good!

I walked out the door to come home for lunch, and the second I stepped outside, I exclaimed at the beauty of the day! The air carried a cool and steady breeze. Not a single cloud in the bright blue sky. I was in blue jeans and a 3/4 sleeved sweater, and I was perfectly comfortable. The weather is perfect, I thought. It reminded me of November 2005 when I spent a week in Santa Monica. I was absolutely amazed at the temperate climate. Today was like a California day- only better.

After work I took Gracie for a brisk walk on the beach. It was low tide with an onshore breeze. Most of the 'yanks' have gone home, so the island is coming back to us islanders.

The A/C is off, and it's a pleasant 74 degrees inside. What a wonderful place to be right now.

I may whip up a little chicken parm w/ pasta and a fine chianti.


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