Sunday, June 21, 2009

Donde esta?

My daughter created a CD for me of classical pieces and gave it to me forChristmas. It's high on my list of favorites, and I'm listening to it tonight. It begins with Chopin, then Haydn. The third track is one I most enjoy: Pachelbel's Canon in D major, by Bach. Of the 15 cuts on this CD, it's interesting that she chose to add an opera, Turandot - Nessun dorma by Puccini. In addition to Chopin, Haydn and Bach, the mix contains Mozart, Beethoven and Palestrina.
It's a beautiful evening. I rounded it out with some deep cleaning. After repairing the front door from Gracie's claws scratching at it - which involved wood putty, sanding and painting, the door looks great. I did some deep-clean vacuuming etc. Dishes are done, bathroom's clean, fresh bed sheets. I watered the plants in my garden, pruned the rose bushes and brought in a dozen blooms. A solitary red bloom is here on the kithchen table in a tall blue vase. Three of the velvety red blooms are just newly beginning buds, in a short vase on the coffee table. Three long, fragrant white blooms are perched on the credenaza in a tall, sleek "carnival glass" vase. A solitare pink bloom stands out of a bud vase in the hall. I love roses.
Not only did the house get a cleaning, but I took an indulgent shower. I shampooed, conditioned, scrubbed and rinsed, moisturized and pampered all the areas of my body. I draped myself in my fine Turkish cotton robe. I used lavender oil mixed with moisturizer to coat my entire body. I have a crisp, tall martini alongside a plate of sushi.
Clasical music, sushi, roses and a martini. Oh... and the seductive scent of lavender.
The only thing missing is you.

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