Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tropics

Ah, Friday night. What a fast and painful week. I received a "Heat Advisory" from the national Weather Service through our county EOC from noon today to 7PM tomorrow, record heat. With the temperature and the humidity it'll feel like 105 to 110.
I came home from work last evening, and the thermostat on the A/C was set at 70 and registered about 82. The fan was set to 'on' instead of 'auto'. Last year it froze up, and the landlord had his guy give it more freon. I put my hand under the various vents, and it was blowing, but didn't feel real cold. Lauren was at work, my guess it was hot in the house in the afternoon before work, and she dropped the A/C down to get cool. And it couldn't catch up.
I turned off the unit, and walked out back and looked at it to see whether it appeared to be iced over. It started sprinkling, and the Northeastern sky was stormy dark. The wind was picking up and a thunderstorm was iminent. I went back inside and opened all the windows, pulled back the drapes and ran the ceiling fans on high. The sound of thunder and the cracks of lightning harmonized with wind-whipped palms in the balmy sweet evening air.
I woke this morning just after dawn and was first surprised at how good I had slept and how good it felt to have the fresh air. The moist humidity is very soothing to my irritated sinuses and lungs.
When I came home for lunch today, Lauren had closed up and put the A/C on. It was struggling, still, but with such high heat, it was hard to judge its working order. I came home this evening, and still wonder if it's failing. Right now it's quite comfortable at 78. The weather forcast, other than the heat advisory, predicts thunderstorms daily for the next week.I guess the Summer Storms have come.

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