Sunday, June 7, 2009


It has been some days since I last wrote an entry. I find inspiration at times such as 4:00 AM, standing in the vacant lot looking up at the sky, watching the patches of midnite drift over a waxing moon. These are times that cause me to yearn for a fenced yard for Gracie. I am sure I must be quite a sight in my bathrobe, being tugged around in the dew-ladened yard. What is it that makes the perfect place to poop?
I have been "under the weather" for several weeks, now. In April a flu bug had me down for the count. Now, I seem to have a residual effect in my lungs. My co-workers are tired of hearing me cough, I'm sure. I finally went to the drug store and bought an over the counter expectorant. I sat outside yesterday in the sun, reading, ...and hacking. This morning after a hot, steamy shower, I took a walk with Gracie to check out the "Shark Fest" going on down under the bridge. I guess Gracie was out of shape, as she sat down in the shade panting profusely - and we hadn't even gotten to our destination. It's been all week since she's been out, and it guilts me big time, but it has been all I can do to get up and go to work. When ones airways are so constricted, energy levels are so depleted. This morning's walk was cut short, and she's snoozing in the cool A/C.
I have a few options of how to spend my afternoon: some involve chores, while others involve leisure activities. I'll probably find a balance between the two. I just finished a hot steamy bowl of seafood soup - chinese delivery from LIn's Garden. It made for a tasty lunch.

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