Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a good life

it is saturday evening, and almost the first of June. Things pass so quickly. It has been a short week, and a short spring. We are on the edge of hurricane season here in southwest Florida. That is always a bother. When i worked in the private sector, it was just a matter of amusement. Now as an employee of the local municipality, as the Town's PIO, it's a bother. Let's hope for a very quiet season.

Last night my daughter and her boyfriend joined me for a friday nite supper. Lauren went to the market and bought 1 1/2 lbs. of red grouper. I fired up the grill and made mesquite grilled grouper sandwiches - with all the trimmings - lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle wedges - coleslaw and french fries. Yummmmy! It was nice to have dinner company, and it was a casual, pleasant evening. Lauren taught me how to use my new camera!

Here's La and bf Kev - trying out my new camera:

I spent today - Saturday - mindless and mundane. I did manage to whack some weeds that were growing up around my rose bushes, and I did manage to prune and water them. I accomplished this in the late evening, starting around 5:30 pm and finishing in the neighborhood of 7:30. I waited until it wasn't quite so hot and humid out, but didn't figure in the no-seeums. Gosh Darn It...they are the most annoying little insects going! I managed to do what I set out to do, hurrying in the last few minutes as my tolerance for the bugs had long run out.
I near ran inside - sweaty, dirty, itchy. I've been battling what suggests to be a bit of bronchitis - perhaps a carry-over from the flu I experienced last month. Being out doors in the humidity is beneficial to my lungs. I come inside to the A/C, and I cough. A steamy, long, hot shower was just what I craved - to relieve the irritation in my lungs, soothe my bitten, thorn-pricked, dirty irritated skin.
I picked some of the blooms from my frangipani, and placed them in a small container on the coffee table. I remembered some aroma therapy oil I had and pulled that out and swabbed my skin with the scent of bergamot. I read with careful attention, "Birds of Alaska" in preparation for my vacation. I'm 3/4ths through the book, "Two in the Far North". Chopin is on the stereo.
Gracie is on the couch, after several bouts of scratching at the door only to go out with only play in mind.
It's a good life.

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