Sunday, May 10, 2009

A lemonade day

It is a very quiet morning. Like yesterday, I woke without a plan for the day. Yesterday became cleaning day. Gracie made some real messes so I went to Topps and bought some Resolve. While there, I picked up a huge bag of rice to put out for the postal workers' food drive. I also bought a dozen fresh lemons. I squeezed the lemons and made a gallon of delicious lemonade. I shampooed the carpets, conditioned the leather furniture, washed the kitchen floor, cleaned out the refrigerator, did laundry, pruned my rosebushes and repotted some plants. After a hot shower, I sat down with a crisp glass of white bordeaux and salmon and cream cheese and crackers. I then spent several hours at various cruise websites, looking for my Alaskan cruise.
Today is Mothers Day. This is the first mothers day without my mother. My brother and his wife left yesterday for Ireland for two weeks. My youngest brother will probably go to the cemetery and think that I should be there, too. A few weeks ago, I mentioned to my daughters that I would like to rent a pontoon boat out of Fishtale marina and spend the day on the water with the daughters and dogs. Both daughters work today, however, so I guess that's a plan that won't happen.
It's a beautiful beach day. Perhaps I'll make more lemonade and bask in the warm Florida sun.

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