Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, tonight I did it. I really did it. Tonight I booked my alaskan vacation. It's perfect. I fly in to Fairblanks, train to Denali, 3 nites at the Denali backcountry lodge, then train to Anchorage. That's how much I've booked at this point. And that's all good. I can figure out the shore excrusions within the next two months. Denali backcountry lodge is the biggy for me. I"m so very excited about that: so excited, that I booked 3 nights - mucho denaro - , but how great it will be to be deep in the heart of this great wilderness... to be so isolated, so secluded, so in touch with nature!
Still, the trip is in reasonable dollars. My airfare from Regional South West (RSW) to Fairbanks came in at $500. not bad, trip insurance included).
OH. End of July, early August. I'm putting in for 2 weeks. It's going to be so stinkin' awesome!!
Tonight I did it. I really did it!!
[MIchelle is doin' the HAPPY DANCE!!]


LeAnn said...

congratulations Michelle! I hope yhou have an AWESOME time!

Roderckdhu said...

Go Michelle! Go Michelle! Go Michelle!