Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hush little baby don't say a word

About 3:30 this afternoon I realized I would be working late. Holiday weekends are wonderful, but they tend to shorten the work week, that reeks havoc on deadlines.

I got home shortly after 6:00 PM. The house looked as I had left it; no signs that Lauren had been by. That meant that Gracie was last out when I was last home.

I took Gracie out for business.

I put Gracie on the 20' lead that is now latched to the picnic table, since she tore down her zip line. She does best when I am out with her, even though I remind her that it is not all about - HER.

I spent a few minutes outside while Gracie was on the lead - I refreshed the water in the bird bath, splashed a bit on the bromeliads and orchids, and dumped and refilled Gracie's outside water dish.

Then I went back inside. While inside, I opened the mail, and busied myself with the home stuff after being at work all day. Gracie began to bark. She likes to bark at Phoebe and Dukie, the neighbor's cats. I sat listening to her bark, wondering how parenting could come into play. Finally, I'd had enough and went outside to bring her in.

I strolled outside, already giving Gracie my summation of why she was barking; the neigbor cats had her in a dither.

Then I saw the object of Gracie's attention. A young mockingbird was hobbling across the driveway.
OMG!!! It's a baby bird! I watched as it hobbled and tried its wings. I got Gracie's Tony the
Tiger bowl and filled it with water from the garden hose. I lightly stepped within a few feet of the young bird, and offered the water dish. As I approached, it retreated. I tossed some water in the air, and it opened its beek receptively, still retreating.

I backed off. Then I thought, " How can I help this bird?" Given the number of cats in this neighborhood I decided I should put it somewhere safe.

This baby bird is walking near dead center of the street. It flaps but cannot fly.

I put on my gardein gloves and approached the chick from behind. Each step forward I took, it took - and vice versa. Shortlty I managed to pick upt this youngling and approached the vacant lot.

Immediately, an adult mockingbird was on my back! Seconds later , another mockingbird was at my head. I dropped the chic, and ran. I stopped and looked up: "OK! " I shouted. "I left it alone! CRIMINY!!!

A full hour after this incident, the mockinbirds continued to chatter in the trees. Periodically, Gracie and I would check the garden for any bird action. Well after sundown, the mockingbirds were quiet.

Tonight's incident compels me to revist "To Kill a Mockingbird"

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Roderckdhu said...

Hahaha - I enjoyed reading this, as here we have California Jays, which are aggressive birds. One of them has claimed my patio and is very upset whenever I go out there, so I can definitely relate!