Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Good Sunday

Today is much prettier than yesterday, as far as the color and clarity of the sky. I slept late and well. Most times, my first thought on waking is to take Gracie out before she does business inside. My second thought today was marveling at how good I felt. Last month I was hit with a flu bug that really kicked me down for sometime. (It was just enough ahead of the swine flu curve that I didn't associate the symptoms with pigs - but the symptoms were the same after the fact). This past Monday I woke with a stuffy head, eyes sore throat and a dry annoying cough. Today I still have the cough, but my head feels much clearer.

I spent an hour or better on the internet viewing various comments and reviews by consumers and consumer reports and tech mags (like PC World) on digital cameras. I'm rather certain what I'll buy, but want to see one other than online and hold it in my hand before I decide. I'll probably go in to Town this afternoon. (Seems a shame on a beautiful beach day like today!..but that's the dilemna I usually find myself in - hard to get anything done when it's always a beautiful beach day!).

After camera review, I took a new book and a glass of lemonade and Gracie and I sat out in the garden. The sun was hot, but it felt good. After a short while, however, the sweat was interfering with my reading so I moved to the shade. Then all the distractions came, chatty neighbors, cats teasing the dog, dog digging the chair leg so I'd calve in, and no see-ums. Ugh. We retreated back indoors.

I am reading "Two in the Far North" by Margaret Murie. The story begins in 1911 in Seattle. The author is nine years old. She and her mother are going by steam ship to join her father in Alaska. Daddy is Assistant US Attorney, and they are making their home in Fairbanks. I' m halfway through the book, and she is now in her early twenties, married to a biologist employed by the US Fish and Wildlife to study caribou in the arctic. Pretty cool stuff.

I've got two months before I leave for Fairbanks, "The High One" - Denali, and the Inside Passage. I'm pretty excited. I hope I don't get myself so worked up that when the adventure arrives it's anti-climatic. Is that possible?!

On with the day!

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