Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hot Tea in a Bright Yellow Mug

I boiled water for tea and lingered over the steamy pot inhaling the warm moisture into my nasal passages and lungs. My mug of choice for my morning tea is a souvenir from my '05 trip to Santa Monica - It's sunny yellow in color, purple inside the cup, with a red band around the rim and a bright red heart above the word, california. It's one of my favorites.
It has been a long, difficult work week. Monday eve was a council meeting and that usually sets the pace for the week - a pace that mimicks 'catch up' which is what I spend the balance of the week doing. We're in "budget hell" or as my finance director calls it, "Silly Season" Our offices are next to each other, such a close proximity that we fall into the habit of talking to each other from our desks. She is incredibly talented in her work and a kind, pleasant person. She frequently gives me sound advice in everything from personnel matters to dealing with the politics of a small town. We have a very good working relationship, so I spent a good deal of time over the past couple of days helping her with minor work details that fall under my "expertise". Document retrieval, imaging, reproducing, binding, etc. Our office doors meet at a 90 degree angle, so that anyone standing in her doorway, is practically standing in mine, as well, and vice versa. Sometimes - (most times) it makes me so crazy I can't even think. Because of "silly season' she has a great deal of traffic in and out of her office. I find myself sinking further and further behind. When the whistle blows at 4:30 (Yabba Dabba Do!) I can finally manage to do some of the tasks that require concentration. Finally, yesterday, at 6:00, I decided to call it a day.
Last night I did most of the chores that I occupy my saturday mornings with - dishes, laundry, cleaning. So this Saturday morning, I'm free to pursue leisure activities, yet my head feels like it's under water and this hot tea is just so comforting.

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