Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tee minus three

It's been quite a week. Events at Town Hall went national - I heard it even went international. CBS morning show, Inside Edition - even Conan O'Brien mentioned it. Quite exhausting. Politics and Porn. When I left work on Tuesday afternoon, I was riding high in pre-vacation mode. That all changed within the course of a few hours. Smacked in the middle of a media blitz. I spent three full work days fulfilling public records requests, redacting, fielding and deflecting. Reporters are quick to site "Freedom of information", but have no clue to what the law provides. One of the requests I received was for a copy of Janke's personnel file. He is in a protected class, so information such as his home address, phone number, his children's names and addresses, drivers license number, photographs.... all this information is exempt form disclosure. Then there's the matter of e-mails. I had to review hundreds of e-mails, to be sure that personal information was not being delivered to the media.
Instead of taking the day off or leaving early on Friday, I ended up working until 7:00 PM.
I am officially on vacation.
Today was spent being sure all the laundry was done. Tomorrow I pack. Monday I plan to get a manicure and pedicure, hopefully spend some time on the beach (relaxing and getitng rays!) and getting to bed early.
Tuesday I fly out at 7:40 AM. I land in Fairbanks at 8:00 Fairbanks time - midnite my time. Sixteen hours. Yikes.

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