Monday, July 27, 2009

T minus one

i just returned from getting my manicure and pedicure - only the second time in my life i've had a professional pedicure - and the first time for a professional manicure. i asked the nail technician if she liked her work. In very broken english she indicated that she did: nine years she's been a nail tech. But then she went on to tell me how she works two jobs, always has - not wanting all the eggs in one basket - but that her husband and her son who is 24 worked for the same company and lost their jobs a few months ago. I already had the ten dollar bill out on the table (can't reach into the pocket w/ a fresh manicure) which was a little more than 20% tip, but I was feeling as if I should give her more.
My bags are packed, with the exception of the items that will go in my carry-on: my binoculars, my camera, my cell phone, a clean shirt and change of underwear, toothbrush and paste, soap and moisturizer. It has been years since I've checked baggage: in my air travels over the past 4 years I've always managed and prefered to carry on. This trip, however, is for 14 days, and includes backcountry hiking as well as formal night on a luxury cruiseline. I'm checking two bags. I could fit it all in one, however when I get to the Denali Park entrance, and board the bus to the backcountry lodge, i'm limited to 35 lbs. of luggage. So I will leave my "cruise bags" at the park entrance and take the second bag with me into Kantishna. I have to pay for my checked baggage, but because this trip is such a big deal to me, the trip of a lifetime - I'm not going to quibble over a few dollars for bags. I want to do what I want, have what I want, wear what I want, etc.
It is...all about me, right now!
Sarah came by earlier and took Gracie's crate, her treats and toys and an 18lb bag of kibble. She'll be by after work to take Gracie and her dog dish to her house, where she can hang with Ruka and Lola - two one-year-old labs. I gave Sarah some $$ - told her if she needs anything for Gracie to buy it - and before I could finish, Sarah asked Gracie: "you want to go shopping?!" .. then I explained that should she need anything for Gracie to buy it, and let me know and I'd pay her back - that I was paying her for caring for Gracie. That changed her complexion right quick! Heck - it's better'n a kennel and a heap cheaper.
i am not taking a computer, so probably will not be posting to this blog until I return. I may try a post from my Blackberry, but then again may not.

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Roderckdhu said...

Where ever you are, I hope your travels are going well my friend!