Friday, July 3, 2009

The Week Recapped

Just finished another week of "clerks' school" as I like to call it. Another round of continuing education. This annual conference was held at the Sanibel Harbor Resort. Our incoming president is the clerk for the city of Sanibel. Being so close to my Town, I didn't stay at the resort. It was a different experience commuting. Considering i usually bicycle to the office - a whole 60 second bike ride - getting in a car and driving for "work" each morning was quite a change in my routine. i surprised myself at how well I did it. Some of the presenters were local professionals that I have dealt with for years. The Lee County Director of the Emergency Operations Center presented one session. Our Supervisor of Elections for the county and her qualifying officer gave another session. Add to it that our district was the host district (second year in a row) I felt "special" - being recognized by the speakers and the president(s) and the board of directors.
Today is a holiday - good deal. A 3-day weekend after an arduous week of school always a welcome relief. My brother and his wife have a bus-load of company - her sister and husband and children and children's children and friends. They're a delightful family and I'm sure we'll be adding to the annual fireworks displays over the next few days!
I am finally beginning to feel like myself again. Smart folks probably would have gone to the doctor months ago. I of course believe that I can heal myself, which I have done, it just takes a heck of a lot longer! I fell in love with Arizona brand green tea with Pomegranate & Acai. I have a tall thermos that I keep filled all day long. It has worked wonders - the benefits of the warm water as well as the tea. My newest 'fad'.
The weather has been hot and humid. Combined with my low energy level and full work schedule, I haven't given Gracie the outside exercise she needs. Regardless, she looks healthy and hasn't exhibited behavioral problems such as destroying the furniture. She has her 'toy' which is a knotted rope that she loves to try to destroy, her ball (a big red rubber one) and her 'Kong' which she has mastered the treats-retrieval. She's really a good girl.
Three weeks til VACATION!! Whoo hoo!!!


Roderckdhu said...

I am a little ahead of you on the vacation curve my friend! Two weeks to vacation! Whoo hooo!

Michelle said...

I know that Rod Rocks! You're doing Com Con? Maybe I'll meet you there next year.
I'm going to Denali.... how cool is that.