Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am feeling very pink today

Things have been happening at a very rapid pace. Amazing me as time marches on. Today is Thursday, July 3rd - I think. Years ago when working at the newspaper, we manually logged ads on a grid, assigning each a number according to the day of the week the ad was scheduled to run. 1 was Monday, 2 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday and so on. So when Thursday is the 3rd, it confuses me… like today. Today should either be the 4th or it should be Wednesday, because 3 is Wednesday still in my brain.

Adding to the confusion in my brain is that today is a vacation day. I attended the annual clerk’s conference which began Sunday and ended yesterday. The conference was a huge success, but a lot of work. With Friday being a holiday, it seemed silly to go to the office for just today, so I scheduled vacation. I planned to meet a friend for breakfast this morning, so I woke earlier than usual. The ground was wet from last evening’s rain and the sky was that fresh opaque blue of dawn. There was an abundance of morning glories lining the path that I take with my bike. The sea grapes are full of fruit and the mocking birds darted through the trees. I truly live in a beautiful place. As I pedaled past the Chapel, the homeless were lined up on the porch waiting for God’s Table to open. One man greeted me by name. That still creeps me out, even though I know he’s well intentioned. I stopped by Town Hall to check the meeting notice on the door. (I had read an e-mail from my boss concerned about whether a certain meeting had been noticed, and I was double checking myself). All was well. I crossed the parking lot and pedaled by the rec center and community pool. There I saw a couple of public works guys doing their morning clean up. Donnie greeted me and I waved back. I passed the library and cut through the shopping plaza as shop keepers were arriving, gathering morning papers with coffee mugs in hand. I arrived at my destination to see my friend already there. We sat outside and enjoyed coffee and conversation. It was good to see him, and a great way to add to a beautiful morning.

Now the day is wide open. No deadlines, no commitments, no obligations. The weather is decidedly the summer pattern, so I will take advantage of the morning to enjoy the outdoors, ahead of the afternoon rains. Before I left for my clerks’ conference, I transplanted some catnip that I started from seeds. The seedlings were several weeks developed, and perfect for planting in the next level pots. I checked on them first thing when I got home yesterday, and they are all eaten clean. I don’t know whether it’s all the neighbor cats or if it’s the lizards. The pots are undisturbed, which leads me to believe it is not cats. I attempted to grow some cilantro and experienced the same thing: when the seedlings got to be about an inch high, some critter ate them clean! So I don’t know if I want to continue growing young herbs . My rose bushes need some pruning, but otherwise the garden requires little attention.

I think I will take this great book I bought last week and my great beach chair and enjoy sitting on the beach, taking in the gulf of mexico in all its splendor. I hope you have a great day… I know I am.

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