Wednesday, July 9, 2008

O Be Joyful!

Today is going to be a great day!  No special reason, yet every special reason!  I slept well, full of many and varied dreams. I was all over the place with many dream symbols - in a movie theatre, at a banquet, having hands-ful of money, driving, was all so very wonderful.  I have a sense that I was in the mountains of the Carolinas or Tennessee.  The most poignant point of the dream was at the banquet, or rather after the banquet - it was evening and I was far from home. As a friend and I were leaving the banquet hall, I looked out the large plate-glass windows, and saw the grounds covered with freshly fallen snow.  "It's snowing!" I exclaimed, "I haven't driven in snow for - thirty years!" and then I fainted!  Haha!  When I recovered, my friend assured me that it would be clear and dry by morning.

I hope your day is EVER SO JOYFUL!

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