Friday, July 18, 2008

It's a beautiful thing

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? Thanks, so much, Al Gore… you’re the best. I’m an internet junkie - I admit it. I could spend my life on the internet. Some surveys that query how much time one spends doing various things - watching TV, listening to radio, on the internet… heck if I can adequately guestimate my internet time. I don’t watch TV, rarely listen to the radio but boy do I pack on the internet hours.

I have an upcoming totally awesome, I’m so excited about vacation excursion coming up. Through the internet, I’ve purchased my airfare, made reservations, viewed the terminal layouts for the three different airports I’ll be visiting, had virtual tours of many of the places along my journey, read menus, viewed maps, read tips and guides, even weather reports and sky cams.

Being a self-proclaimed internet junkie, I’m having a difficult time with my decision not to take a computer with me… eeeeeekkkkkkk…I’m so scared! Since I am traveling on three different planes, two different airlines, and hitting the highway shortly after landfall, it’s crazy stuff to check baggage. So all is carry on, and there’s no room for a “puter. Oh My God. I may Jones.

I leave Tuesday morning..Tuesday the 22nd. So, journal will not be maintained, unless you’d like to do it for me. Of course I’ll take my BB, even though my co-workers chide me about it…. They think I can’t cut the Town Hall umbilical chord…haha on them…it’s really…

The internet….

You were my first love

And you’ll be my last love

I will never make you blue

I’ll be true to you


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