Sunday, July 20, 2008



You may recall my mango chutney and key lime fest of a few weeks' ago.  This photo is key limes sprouting from the seeds I saved from the key lime juice.  I nursed these babies, not letting them fall into the trap of all the neighboring critters. 


This, on the other hand is a complete surprise to me.  After making mango chutney, I put a half a dozen or so pitts out on the picnic table to dry out.  After a week or so, I ripped off the exterior husk, stuck the seeds in a pot of dirt, and placed it in the shade of a palm tree in my garden.  And forgot about it.  Until the other day, I happened to look, wondering what was growing, there...and then I remembered.  I find this very exciting!  Granted it'll be my daughters and granddaughters who may enjoy the fruits,  but I am just so thrilled to see these growing!

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