Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stinkin' Lucky

I have to stop what I’m doing and write this down. I am incredibly thrilled with my life! The past few hours I’ve been pouring over the itinerary for my upcoming Pacific Northwest trip. How very lucky am I! I’ve googled everything, even google earth and have had a street view of some places, done the virtual tour of the hotels, virtually stood atop the Seattle Space Needle. I want to thrust my arms sky high in a bold and deliberate V and shout: TAH - DAH!!! Not just the upcoming vacation, but all that surrounds it. For instance, I’m updating my itinerary, adding in the flight schedule, and becoming painfully aware of the number of plane changes. I’ve always preferred to carry on luggage and have amazed others at how lightly I can travel. So I’m running through my itinerary and identifying activities to associate a wardrobe item. I have some favorites - like that pair of black dockers that I bought for $15~! at the Dockers’ outlet at Tanger Outlet Mall on the way to Sanibel. (That was 2002, btw…I LOVE these pants). I have my white capris that I bought at Old Navy ! Who’d’ve thunkit~! Actually, it was around the same time…I’ve had them that long, but they don’t get nearly the wear as the dockers… I have a pair of green chorduroy jeans. My daughter Sarah, bought them. I doubt she ever wore them. When she moved out last early summer, she left them behind. They looked BRAND NEW. I washed them and wore them, and was baffled by the compliments I received when I wore them! So, y’know what?! They’re mine! They’re comfortable, and launder well. “nough said.

I did not intend to get side-tracked on my wardrobe packing issues. What I meant to say is that in all of this, I have come to realize just how wonderful my life is. I have the ability to take a wonderful vacation, have a closet-full of great clothing from which to choose, have a great job to return to, and have a wonderful family to support me.

Just How Stinkin’ Lucky Am I!!

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