Saturday, March 21, 2009

another day in paradise

It's a beautiful spring morning! Gracie and I got up around 7 am and took care of urgent business. When I opened the front door, the outside air was considerably cooler than the inside air. (Earlier this week, I closed up and put the A/C on, at the request of my daughter). When I came back inside I turned off the A/C and opened the windows. It was a cool 67 degrees. I crawled back under the covers and enjoyed the fresh air blowing through the windows. It appeared that Gracie enjoyed it, too, as her nostrils quivered rapidly. This morning was unusually quiet. I heard a mourning dove singing to a distant mockingbird, accented by an occasional chirp from a passing opsrey. I fiddled with my cool new "Storm" as I lolligagged in my feather bed. This, to me, is pure decadence.

Gradually, I moved away from last night's dreams, through today's meditations and anticipations. I thought of making a pot of coffee, but decided to skip caffeine today. Instead, I poured a cup of chocolate soy milk in the blender, added a cup of yogurt and two frozen bananas and blended it up. What a delicious breakfast. This morning will be a wash morning: wash dishes, wash my car, wash my clothes, wash the kitchen floor. If I remain ambitious after all of that, I'm going to shampoo the carpet - at least the areas that Gracie has made unpleasant. (If do-it-yourself doesn't work, I'll be calling in the professionals).

The sky is remarkably clear and brilliant. I hear passing neighbors say it's breezy today - I will find some time to go down to the beach and work on my tan. It's another lovely day in paradise.

(photo is of Ruellia brittoniana, commonly known as Mexican Petunia)

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