Sunday, March 29, 2009

No communication from telecommunications

What a world...
My sister from WA called this morning. She called on my cell phone, and since my cell phone is paid for by my employer, I am required to reimburse personal calls, so I opted to call her back using my land-line phone.
It was then that I found out my land-line phone isn't working.
That explains why I was unable to get internet access - I have embarq DSL.
So my hours of rebooting routers and computers was all for naught.
Those bastards at embarq... you'd think after all these years of paying out the butt for their service, they'd at least afford me the decency of a phone call to let me know I'm behind a month before they axed my service.
And when I called today to ask them, "Did you discontinue my service?" their recording says, "we're closed today - call back tomorrow." So I went to and attempted to log in to check my account status, and they told me my user name or password is incorrect.
The bastards.
I hate embarq. I could really do without a landline and the DSL (which costs me over $100/month) but I won't use Comcast for internet - they're worse than embarq - for now, I'll just suck it up.
The bastards. A courtesy call would have been nice.
I hate Embarq.

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Embarq Joey said...


Sorry you weren't contacted regarding your account. Can I help out? If you send me an email at with your telephone # I can check things out for you. If you need to verify my identity check out my Twitter page,


Joey H.
Embarq Customer Outreach