Sunday, March 29, 2009


Walking Gracie continues to be a challenge. She is learning, yet she is strong. I have walked two, 70-100 lb. Labrador Retreivers with more ease than walking this one 40 pound, 7-month old puppy, Gracie.A few days ago, she broke her choker collar. She was on the line in the lot, and Lucky came out and they were lickin' it up. In all the fun, the choker collar snapped and Gracie was at large. Nicole was quick and grabbed her up, but I was out a choker collar. Days passed in which I avoided any "walking" because I knew without the choker collar, I was in for pain. Today I realized I needed to replace the choker collar, and was confident the local supermarket would have one. I have a small, cloth (pink!) collar that I bought for Gracie. It's fine enough, but, anyone whose ever walked a willful dog knows the value of a choker collar. Last week I bought a new, large, very pink, cloth collar for Gracie. (It is really way too large - I'll save it for adult-hood!)so, on to the local market for a choker collar. I put both pink, cloth collars on Ms Gracie and headed out on the very short walk. As I approached Topps Supermaket, I saw a man and woman walking a small white dog. I instinctively shored Gracie up next to me, grabbing hold of the latch where the leash fixed to the collar. The man walked past and made small talk - a puppy? yes... The woman was holding the small white dog, and thought I was waiting for a puppy play day or something, because she walked her small white dog right into Gracie's face. Gracie is 40 lbs. of sheer strength and muscle. My left hand is already calloused from holding her leash. I was rude to the woman with the small white dog, but I didn't mean to be. I knew that I would have trouble holding Gracie from pouncing all over this small white dog. Oh, Gracie would not intend harm!! NO! Not at all! Just too freakin' strong and playful...So... as the man passed, and chatted, the woman strolled up to Gracie with her small white dog, and I said, "Do you mind!?!!" and at that moment, Gracie snapped the cloth collar I had hooked to the leash. Because I had anticipated Gracie's "exuberance" and had 'shored' her up, I was straddling her body when the collar snapped. I was able to hook her to the other collar for the time being.I walked to Topps, and slipped the handle of the leash over one of the posts outside of the supermarket. This'll be quick, I said, knowing exactly what aisle the collars were sold on. I grabbed two - she'd snapped one so easily, that I grabbed two. I went to the check out register, and while in line, I saw a man outside with a hand in the air that seemed to be holding a leash - in the vicinity of where I'd left Gracie. ( Now, be mindful that she is not micro chipped, and she is a desirable animal.) I dropped the collars and told the clerk that I'd be right back to buy those......and then ran out to see what was going on with Gracie.A man was there with his two dogs. One was an 8 year old German Shephard named Montana and the other was a very small, black and white dog, whose name escaped me and looked like a chihuahua.I explained my dilemna, although nicer than to the previous couple. Gracie is out of control and I need the choker collar to teach control. The man was joined by a woman who had been shopping, we chatted, and they went on their way. I returned to the store and paid the two dollars for the collars. I'd 've paid ten times that. Choker collars rule a seven month old {Wiemaraner!} puppy.
Sit. Down. Stay.

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