Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reverse Images

I just came inside from sitting out in the garden. The sun set about an hour and a half ago, the "front" is moving in. No more rain, which may be a disappointment as it has been dry. The temperature is dropping. Gracie had been acting up (or out, as others say) so I decided we needed to go outside for awhile. She loves being outdooors, and if I don't sit with her or play with her or at least be outside with her - she barks. (She's found her voice). So I buttoned up the cardigan I'd worn all day, added a light scarf and my brown jacket and went out.
With Gracie on the line, I unfolded my blue camp chair, and propped my feet up on the bench of picnic table. It really was quite blustery. While Gracie romped about, I cocked back my head and looked up at the night sky. The clouds were moving very evenly, steadily fast. Just as one might see images in the puffy white clouds on a bright day, I saw images in the dark clouds against the vacant white background. It was amusing, as if I were watching a film. I saw images of rabbits, more like the Roger Rabbit or Bugs Bunny type of rabbit. A saw an image of the bust of a Roman soldier with an outstretched arm holding a trophy. My imagination danced along with the roll of the clouds and I smiled.
At one point I looked deep into one of the passing images, and saw stars. I then felt silly for having not realized that these images I'd been enjoying weren't darker clouds, but rather breaks in the heavy white clouds. The front is rolling in.

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