Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday morning segments

This morning I made a pot of coffee, and it is delicious. It's cool this morning - 61 degrees at 9am. I fell asleep early last night, without a plan for today. I want to visit Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, but I think I'll do that tomorrow - a Monday - which shouldn't be as busy as Sunday would be. So I thought I'd go kayaking this morning. My friend Wendy and her husband have kayaks, and whenever I see her she suggests I call her when I'm going kayaking and "perhaps we could get together." Yesterday afternoon I called her suggesting we get together, and she asked for a rain check: she has company. This time of year, nearly every one who lives in south florida has friends and relatives that visit - family and friends we didn't even know existed. Wendy went on to say, "and what about this breeze, eh?" (she's canadian). "..the weather might be a bit much?" I didn't give it much more thought after that - to kayak or not to kayak.
So this morning, it's cool - too cool to be on the water. Perhaps as the day moves along it will warm some. Afternoon kayaking is still an option. Yesterday I washed my car. I did the full detail - inside and out, conditioned the leather seats, armorall'd all the rubber and vinyl, even the tires. I waxed my car, too - its first wax job. Let me tell you, that's hard work. When I had the Civic it was work, but now with the CR-V it's REALLY work. But she's a beauty. It occured to me while waxing and buffing that I can understand, now, why people name their vehicles. I casually considered what I would name my vehicle, and 'Black Beauty' immediately came to mind. How un-original. I also thought of taking a photograph of it all shiny and sparkly and posting it here.... haha, I laughed at myself. I would be like all those guys on internet dating sites that self-portrait, sucking in the gut and flexing the muscles, posed in front of their vehicles. My car looks so good, that I want to get in it and drive somewhere. When I think of going north, into Town, I think of the miles of bumper to bumper traffic I'll sit in to come back to the beach. When I think of going south to Bonita, I think of the miles of bumper to bumper traffic I'll sit in coming back to the beach. It's that time of year... everybody wants to be on Fort Myers Beach.
Gracie is running from window to window, scratching frantically at the door to go out. I take her out, and after a few minutes she starts barking at Phoebe, the neighbor's cat. She barks incessantly. I get up and bring her back in. She runs from window to window, scratching at the door to go out. ... and so on. Perhaps a nice stroll on the beach is the solution this morning, for both of us. The tide will be coming in, with high tide due around 12:30. Low tide is nice for wading in the surf.
Sounds like a great way to start today.

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