Saturday, March 28, 2009

an uncommon saturday

Wow. What happened to today!  I woke at a reasonable hour and took Gracie out for a brief walk.  I then crawled back in under the covers for another hour.  (I just Love going back to bed!).  When I finally did get up for the day and got dressed, I spent about 45 minutes trying to get internet connection.  I wanted to check the card catalog at the beach library for a DVD and a book that friends have recommended.  I don't know what the problem was here - whenever there's a power outtage, which is frequent on this island - I have to reset the router.  I did all the usual things, and after nearly an hour, I gave up.  The library is only a short bicycle ride away, so it would be easier to just go there instead of trying to understand my uncooperative internet.  The book I was looking for was checked out, due back 4.9.09.  The DVD I was looking for was a bit more difficult.  The recommendation came from a co-worker, and I wrote it down at my desk at work.  At the time, the DVD was checked out, due to be returned on Mar 26.  It was an indie film, a documentary or non-fiction.  The title was a Hopi Indian word that began with a Q or a K... Dang...I couldn't remember! The Indian word translated to something like, " A planet in distress" or a "world in trouble".  According to my friend, it was directed by Martin Scorcese or Oliver Stone.... Dang.  I searched the card catalog in the library with no sucess.  I remember "Tunes" saying that he "knows right where to find it in the library... upstairs, to the right.."  So I went upstairs to the non-fiction - I thought Tunes said it was a DVD, but I wasn't sure.  I sure hoped it was a DVD , because I no longer have a VCR.  I searched title after title.  It was also about 11:50, and (I thought) the library closed at noon.   I went downstairs and began looking through the biographies, etc.  I ran into Pat, who volunteers her time at the library and used to serve on one of the Town's advisory committees, and ran unsuccessfully for Town Council last year.  I engaged Pat's help:  She was much better at using the search criteria on the electronic card catalog, but with little to nothing to go on, we were unsuccessful.  I quickly apologized, and said, "I know you're closing soon.." and she said, " I didn't hear the announcement...?" I hadn't either. We looked at the clock and it was minutes before noon.  "We close at 1:00!" Pat told me.  So I went outside, called Tunes from my cell phone. He didn't answer, I didn't leave a message.  I got on my bike and went over to Town Hall.  I didn't have my work keys with me, but when I passed by earlier, I saw some of the public works guys outside, and took a chance.  I pedaled up around the back door and saw Donny and Shawn finishing their lunch.  "I don't have my Keys..." I said, "Is this door unlocked?"  Donny replied, "No, but I'll unlock it for you..."  I scurried up to my office and flipped through the note pad I keep by the phone.  I knew I'd written down the title when Tunes had recommended it.  I found it on the seocnd pass-through, and jotted it down on a post-it.  KOYAANISQUATSI - Life out of Balance.  ( I wasn't even close!)I biked back to the library, and quickly entered "Life out of Balance" in the search field, and it came up.  I copied down the reference number and headed upstairs.  Pat was still there, returning books to the shelves.  I felt I owed it to her to let her know the actual title.  She put her hands on the DVD right away.  (and, by the way, it's Francis Ford Coppola...not Martin Scorcese or Oliver Stone....boy, did I feel stupid). That was the most productive and successful thing I did all day!  I came home and ate a large (much too large!) heavy lunch - a turkey and cheese sub sandwhich with chips and a bottle of beer.  Phew, was I stuffed.  It was also very warm... I decided a little afternoon nap would be a novelty, and stretched out on the living room sofa.  I quickly dropped into a light slumber, occassionally looking up to see that Gracie wasn't misbehaving.  It was warm, the couch is leather, I was stuffed and feeling bloated.  I rolled off of the couch about 3:20  in the afternoon.  I took two fresh oranges from the fridge and juiced them and guzzled it down.  I surfed the net aimlessly.  I took Gracie out.  I was uncomfortable and had no ambition.  I checked the mail.  Junk mail.  Somehow I found myself drawn to my bed, and stretched out on top of the bedspread.  Within minutes, Gracie was up next to me. Within minutes we were both snoozing.  The Hot sun came through the western window of my bedroom.  I was clammy and my clothes were uncomfortable, my feet felt dirty and I needed a shampoo.  I rolled off the bed and hit the shower... a long, hot shower.  It was 6:45 PM. It's suppose to rain tomorrrow.  At 7:00 this evening, it was 86+ degrees and high humidity.  Heck with it, I said, and closed up the windows and put on the A/C.  Ahhh.  cool comfort for (a) change.  

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