Sunday, March 1, 2009

weather or not

Gracie woke me at dawn. We went outside for her to "do bizzness". I crawled back in bed for another couple of hours, surprised at how late it was when I crawled out at 9:30. I had a number of things on my mind that I would do today, with gardening being the most appealing. When I put Gracie out on the line, I noticed the clouds sliding in from the northwest. With a blender of yogurt, skim milk and frozen bananas (to which I added a teaspoon of bone meal powder), I sat down to check e-mail and the weather.
A momentary lapse in electricity preceded a sudden gust of wind that slammed shut bedroom doors and pushed drapes up to the ceiling. The western sky was cobalt gray, throwing down drops of rain. I guess I didn't need to check the weather, after all. Apparently there's a front coming through; only question is, how much rain and how cold will it get.
I put on a cardigan and poured a hot tea. Today looks to be an indoors-day; the kind of day to make soup or stew or bake bread, or other culinary creations. I put Mozart on the stereo, put a load of laundry in the washing machine, and rebooted the router (every power outtage, no matter how brief, requires a reboot ).
Already the rain has stopped leaving no trace of its existance. The wind rustles the dried fronds on the cabbage palms next door. The driveway is a copper colored carpet of fallen leaves from the live oaks. The air is noticably absent of birds, both sight and sound. A check of the weather shows it is 61degrees, with wind out of the NW with gusts to 32 mph. The radar map shows a narrow band of rain over the everglades - probably that little burst we experienced a few moments ago. Pulling the radar map out further, I see that another ban of showers are due in the next 30 minutes or so. These bands are the tail of a large storm system that is right now beating down on the carolinas. My friends in Charlotte are experiencing winter storm warnings. I could use a lazy leisure day.

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