Monday, January 26, 2009

an argh eve

I'm not sure what happened - somewhere the day went south - fast. I got to work feeling pretty good, the meeting started only about five minutes' delayed. My part was well accomplished. Somewhere mid-morning I had to excuse myself for a potty break - which I never do. At 1:00 I came home for lunch, had a turkey and cheese sandwich and lingered over aol news. I returned to work and never could get back into the swing. The weather had warmed considerably outside, and some crazy fool had the heat on inside. I felt warm, sluggish and irritable. My bowel was also irritable (sorry if that's "too much information" but it is most unusual, and probably a significant factor in the decline of the day). I have company coming tomorrow and will offer my college kid's room for them. The last time that room was cleaned was when we had company for Thanksgiving and I offered her room. She was home over Christmas for nearly a month, and returned to school - without cleaning her room. I spent a great majority of my weekend doing town hall stuff - it was top on my priorities, and it proved to be a wise decision as I started today. However, I'm feeling a bit 'robbed' of my leisure time... which probably adds to the irritability I feel. Plus the neighbors are noisy. Plus Gracie's being an absolute brat and I have no patience. It's an ARRGGGHH evening.
I didn't sleep particularly well. I was literally exhausted when I turned off the light at about 11:15 last evening. The sound of Gracie's tags jingling woke me and I realized she was "up". I also realized either I take her "out" or I may be cleaning up a mess. So we went out at about 2:30 AM. The neighbors were having one helluva celebration - still. I dreamt weird - the only part I remember well enough to relate is that I stood and walked across a walk way, or bleecher type structure with another female, and I commented, "well, there you skirt's caught up in my shirt and my ass is hanging out." ...Showing my ass, or caught with my pants down?!? What's YOUR interpretation!?
Before it gets too late, I guess I'd better 'get to spirits' and clean for company.

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