Sunday, January 11, 2009

Close to Heaven

My daughter made several cd's for me for a Christmas present and one she named 'Old Mix' . I don't know this particular artist, but it's in french and it sounds like "no regrets, no worries, no forgets." It's very sultry. It goes nicely with the glass of white wine from Portugal that I purchased today from Total Wine. I opened the bottle with a dinner of Lobster Bisque and sour dough bread with roasted garlic. Delicious. Desert is a piece of Ghiradelli dark chocolate. It must be heaven.

Speaking of Heaven, Gracie and I took a nice stroll on the beach today. Absolutely perfect weather. Lots of people, and Gracie gets lots of attention. We came home and while she dug a hole to stick her snout in, I repotted two rose bushes and a crown of thorns. I cleaned up in the carport from all my gardening stuff that had been scattered about. I even swept out the laundry room. We came inside and I showered and changed and Gracie went to her crate. I went in to town with Total Wine as my destination. Next door to Total Wine is DSW. I pulled up in front about 6:00 and the sign on the door said they close at 7:00. I bought a pair of shoes that are just perfect. Of couse they're black leather. A girl can't have too many pairs of black shoes. (I'm so excited!)

It has been a short weekend. Frittering away yesterday shortened it even more. Tomorrow should be normal course of business. Tuesday will be a challenge, as will Thursday. All in a days work, I guess - but I have great new shoes! That'll help.

The moon is mesmerizing. I was leaving the grocery store this evening as the moon was just over the horizon. I wanted to exclaim to other shoppers, "Look at the Moon! Isn't it just awesome?!" But the shoppers I saw would have to reset their pacemakers if I exclaimed anything.

A good day! I feel satisfied. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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